Team trajectory

From its beginning in the year 1996, this team has carried out a study
integrating different knowledge, from the Music Therapy, the Psychoanalysis,
the Psychiatry and the Philosophy of Arts. The Team was formed that year,
from the Seminar “The Music, the harmonies and disharmonies of the Subject”,
dictated by the Lic. Patricia Pellizzari; where the assumption of a place
and proper speech took place, the said found their deployment point in
the conception of the “Music and the Sonorous Aspect” as a subjectivizing
space. From that moment, the ICMus Team has covered and exchanged places
of discussion, construction, production, with other colleagues and spaces.
The specificity of intervention and speech that we arrange is in relation
to these trips; through trips, papers, presentations, seminars, courses,
congresses, writing; these were impelled from the clinical and preventive
work.In the field of Investigation: 1998 – 2005 During this
period we conducted the research The Music And The Psyche, in Agreement
with the Department of Investigation of the University of Salvador (Bs.

Publications 2007 – Scientific magazine VOICES. Results
of the ICMus research. 2006 – Book “Project The Music And The Psyche”.
ICMus Publishing. Buenos Aires. Book: ” The discomfort in the daily aspect”,
Chapter: “The Music And The Psyche. The Psychosonorous Aspect. ”. Argentinian
Congress of Mental Health, Bs. As. 2007 “The Music and The Psyche”, Abstract
of the Annual Meeting of the Society of Cognitive Musical Sciences. Concepción
del Uruguay, April 2007 “The Music and The Psyche”. Abstract of the Day
of Psychoanalysis and the Community. APA, Bs. As. 2006 “The Music and
The Psyche” Abstract of the International Summer Congress “Developments
in Music Therapy”, Foundation of Music Therapy Dr. R. Benenzon. Bs. As.
5-8 January 2004 Issues 1 to 4 – Magazine of investigation and music therapeutic
clinic. ICMus. Bs. As., 1997-2000

International presentations 2007. At the Conservatory
of Music in Rio de Janeiro, Summoned by Eki in the Center of Exhibitions
of São Pablo and summoned by the University of Riverao Preto. Brazil.
The Sonorous Productions, their analysis and intervention in mental health.
2007. Spain, Conservatory of Music in The imperial. Analysis of the sonorous
productions and intervention in Music Therapy. 2007. Curitiba, Brazil.
Conference: Diagnostic evaluation. Forum of Investigation. 2006. In Lima,
Therapy of Expressive Arts. Course Music and Psychological Plasticity.
2005. Guanajuato. Course Music and Self-esteem. Summoned by Fladem Mexico.
2004. Querétaro, Mexico. Autonomous university of Querétaro. Training
for educational therapists. Course “Expressive resources for the human
promotion. Contributions of the Music Therapy to education and health”.
2003. Oxford, England. Presentation of poster. The 10th World Congress
of Music Therapy. 2000. Riverao Preto, Brazil. University of Riverao Preto.
The Music and The Psyche. 2000. Santiago of Chile, Chile. Catholic University.
Course: Advances of the Investigation “The Music and The Psyche” .II 1999
Washington, USA. Presentation of poster. The 9th world congress of Music
Therapy. “The Music and The Psyche: An analysis of the sonorous productions
and their subjective correlates “,

Presentations in Argentina 2008 – 2007. Annual course
Analysis and intervention in the sonorous productions in Music Therapy.
ICMus, Bs. As. 2007. City of 9 de Julio. Pcia. Bs. As. The ICMus Team
presents the Book: “Project: The Music and The Psyche”. The sonorous aspect.
2007. Argentine Congress of Mental Health, Bs. As. The Psychosonorous
Aspect. 2007. Interdiscipline and Intersectoriality. Congress of Mental
health. Puerto Madryn. Government of CHUBUT. 2007. Paper The Sonorous
Functions. Congress of Cognitive Musical Sciences. Concepción del Uruguay.
2007. Expressive approaches in the Municipality of Moron. University UNLA
of SANTA FE. Argentina. 2007. Conference: Preventive Approaches and Investigation.
Honorable House of Representatives of the Nation. Government of the City
of Buenos Aires. 2007. The 2nd Days of Music Therapy, Honorable House
of Representatives, Bs. As. Analysis of the sonorous Productions: diagnostic
evaluation in Music Therapy. ICMus Team. 2006. Conference Preventive Devices
in the Municipality of Moron. 9th National Congress of Music Therapy.
Interamericana University. ROSARIO. Argentina. 2006. Day of Psychoanalysis
and Community. Bs. As. The Music and The Psyche. 2005 Paper: I work in
teams and investigation. Congress of Music Therapy of the MERCOSUR. NEUQUÉN.
2004. Poster Investigation “The Music and The Psyche” International Summer
Congress “Developments in Music Therapy “, Foundation of Music Therapy
Dr. R. Benenzon. Bs. As. 2000. The 2nd National Congress of Music Therapy,
“Art, health and education “. Rosario. “Investigation: The Music and The
Psyche “, 2000. Workshop. The 3rd Argentine Symposium of Music Therapy,
Bs. As. 2000. Poster, 1st. Day of the Htal. Pedro Elizalde – AMURA, “The
Sonorous Productions and their subjective correlates. Investigation ICMus
“, Bs. As. Bs. As. 2000 and 1999. Course “The Clinical Listening in Music
Therapy”. ICMus, Bs. As. 1999. Paper. The 2nd Symposium of Music Therapy
Universidad J. Kennedy. Bs. As. 1998. Paper. The 3rd Symposium of Music
Therapy Universidad J. Kennedy. Bs. As.

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