ICMus team conducts research
tasks since 1998, with the Project
The Music and The Psyche. Our objective is to study the relevant variables
in Music Therapy: expression, creativity, community health, psychopathology,
diagnosis in Music Therapy, relation between free improvisation and psychological
functions, processes of illness, processes of resilience and production
of the psyche through sonorous, musical expression and emotion, cognitive
functions in the sonorous aspect, relational modalities through experiences
with sound, technical interventions in Music Therapy, among others. The
tasks of research are carried out through both qualitative and quantitative
designs; through study of cases, comparative studies of groups, polls,
descriptive, correlational and explanatory investigations. Our interest
is to find a response to the main questions in Music Therapy and their
incidence in health. In this way, we aspire to an investigation involved
with the current demand of the society and the emergent situation in Music
Therapy both in Argentina and the world. We offer training courses in
investigation and conduction and monitoring of programs of research.

Seminar of formation in Research in Music Therapy.

Duration of the project: 1 year. Limited Enrollment to groups of 6 participants.

Recipients: Music Therapists and Lic. in Music Therapy. Enrollment is

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