Training and Education

The Training area
, is offered to professionals and students,
who belong to Music Therapy area or related disciplines; and institutions
(of health, social action, education, culture and companies). We offer
training and advice around the following subject matters:

  • • Processes of Creativity
  • • Playing Skills
  • • Expression and emotion
  • • Music and psychological plasticity
  • • Sexuality
  • • Family
  • • Human rights
  • • Psychosocial vulnerability
  • • Process of illness
  • • Institutional and professional monitoring in indicators of health
    and illness
  • • Linkage Modalities with sonorous objects
  • • Individual and relational sonorous profiles
  • • Sonorous techniques and interventions on expressiveness
  • • Relations between music and psyche
  • • Team work. Roles
  • • Conformation and monitoring of interdisciplinary teams
  • • Methodology of follow up and investigation of clinical assistance
    and preventive community projects
  • • Clinical and preventive boarding
  • • Prevention of burn out process
  • • Music and auto esteem in children and teenagers
  • • Contributions from Music Therapy to other disciplines

Methodologies We Offer programs of:

  • • Training
  • • Supervision
  • • Courses
  • • Workshops
  • • Institutional Monitoring For it we have designed a didactics that
    allows the user to understand and to elaborate of active form tools
    of action and conceptualization, for a better development in his/her
    individual or groups’ tasks.

Focal activities The activities that we realize are
named focal, because we understand that every demand is singular and the
program is based on the idea of designing training strategies and programs
focused on every need, individual or institutional.

Supervision In relation to the professional activity,
we consider of vital importance the spaces of clinical and preventive
supervision, so that every specialist develops its creative potential
in the conduction of the treatments. We support that the supervision practice
constitutes a construction shared between supervisor and supervising,
of tools of reading, comprehension and intervention in the field of work.
This activity can be realized under the individual or group modality.

Training modalities are: Local, at Bs. As. Local, at
each Argentina’s states Out of Argentina Intensive modality Monthly or
annual modality Presential Didactics Semi presential Didactics Not presential

of analysis and interventions.
For second consecutive year, we’re
developing the annual course, approaching the fundamental concepts reached
by ICMus team in the investigation “Music and Psyche”. It is offered to
music therapists, licensed in Music Therapy and advanced students. For
not spanish people is dictated on a intensive presential modality. Ask
for programms, schedule and costs at

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