Current Institutional Agreements

ICMus Team carries out projects in agreement with governmental and non
governmental organisms. This form of interinstitutional approach offers
an intervention device that assists the beneficiary population in a joint
and extended way in the professionals’ network. The Institutional Agreements
are indicated before complex problems that need an approach and design
of strategies of action in network between the inserted institution in
the beneficiary community and the team of professionals. Our biggest desire
is to fulfill your expectations and work in associate management. We invite
you contact us, so we can work out solutions together. Currently, the
ICMus Team participates in different institutional agreements:Program Music Therapy for the Community.

Agreement with the Municipality of Moron. Province of Buenos
The program ICMus community, proposes to gather different
communities to the world of the expression, emphasizing the musical and
sonorous aspect, revaluing the listening, the creativity, and the exchange
as keys for the confrontation in the daily life and search of dignity
and integral health. The direct beneficiaries are children and young people,
belonging to this municipality, who are assisted in the Community Health
Centers Santa Laura and Ibañez.

Program Preventive Music Therapy in Adolescence. Adolfo Saldías
School. Haedo.

Agreement with the Fundavac Foundation The Polimodal
Adolfo Saldias school is currently in a situation of institutional vulnerability
due to the student’s extreme desertion and its low registration. A restructuring
is foreseen for the year 2008 in the organization of courses and the possibility
of integration with another establishment. The population assisting to
this project is adolescents between 15 and 20 years in situation of psychosocial
risk, product of dysfunctional families, critical unemployment situations,
intrafamily mistreatment, personal developmental crises, vulnerability
in support networks, addictions, and scholastic failure. Here, a modality
of individual and group intervention is given to adolescents who present
indicators of psychosocial vulnerability.

Program Preventive Music Therapy in children at risk. “Soup kitchen
Sueñitos”. Southern Moron.

Agreement with Fundavac Foundation. In the Soup kitchen
Sueñitos, approximately 140 children are being assisted at the moment,
between 4 and 13 years, through the soup kitchen and afternoon snack.
The children, mainly from quarters, live critical family situations, also
economical communicational and of basic protection. The Music Therapy
team offers preventive group workshops to the children and their mothers
with the purpose of tackling the mentioned problems, offering a network
of psychosocial support that makes possible to diminish the present indicators
of vulnerability.

Preventive Music Therapy with young people.

Agreement with Polimodal Estrada School. Moron. Province of Buenos
Aires. Year 2005

Training of teachers.

Agreement with the Municipality of Moron.

Province of Buenos Aires. Years 2003-2004

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