Preventive and Community Health

ICMus Team offers Music Therapy’s program for the Community,
proposing to bring over to the different communities towards the world
of the expression, putting emphasis in music and sounds, revaluing the
listening, the creativity, and the interchange as keys for the confrontation
of the daily life and searching of the dignity and the integral health.
The program contemplates different devices of boarding, designed in meeting
with every institution. We consider that knowing to the community it is
there where we can discover every new world, need, problem and alternatives
of solution. The program looks for creating a place for the expression
in all its dimensions. The emphasis in sonorous/musical is a key part
of our practice because since we are born the music facilitates and stimulates
the intellectual, psychic, affective and social development. Because of
that, we propose the creation of group spaces in health institutions,
schools, community organizations etc. where people can explore and create
contexts of dialogues, interchanges and healthy goals to project and to
create welfare. Those spaces have the characteristic of being “playful”;
in this way the speeches and productions of all the people are valued
through a specialized listening and a stimulant holding towards the active
transformation of the diverse uneasiness. We work with different resources
as the voice, recorded music, movement and musical instruments played
by the coordinators and also by the members of the groups. All the activities
have the purpose to re-discover the healthy nucleus of people and the
connection whith sounds, music, emotions, reflection, culture and creativity.
Each intervention of Community ICMus, generates suitable spaces to transform
a problematic which afflicts to great part of our citizenship: the exclusion,
the isolation, the stress, the violence in the family and social links.
These situations of impotence and abandonment prevent the capacity of
personal, familiar and work development, as the healthy interaction with
the reality.AREAS OF THE PROGRAM The unfolding of the Music therapeutic
discipline inside the community field, has the aptitude to contribute
in the healthy development of people, along all the stages of life in
areas as the health, the education and the culture. We offer different
modalities of preventive intervention:

  • • Preventive workshops
  • • Training in preventive institutional resources
  • • Advice and institutional supervision
  • • Activities and events of diffusion in promotion and prevention of
    community health
  • • Making of jingles and videos specially designed for mass media communication

Direct beneficiaries of the Program Thinking about the
problematics and conflicts that people must confront and cross in the
different stages of their life, we consider very important the work with
the following populations, included in areas of health, education and

  • • Childhood
  • • Adolescence
  • • Third age
  • • Family
  • • Health and social action Institutions
  • • Educational Institutions
  • • Culture Institutions
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