Assistance and Treatments

The ICMus Team offers Music Therapy treatment to children,
adolescents and adults. The responsible professionals got a Master of
Arts Degree in Music Therapy and have solid formation and wide experience
in the clinical field. The ICMus Team works together with other professionals
from the field of health, guaranteeing an integral care, guaranteeing
interconsultation and interdisciplinary in the demands that need it. The
Music Therapy belongs to the field of the active therapies, which motivate
processes of health through expressive skills, based on the action and
the experience, promoting dynamics of change at an emotional, relational,
cognitive, communicational, sensory motor and neurological level. The
expressive techniques we use are based on the use of the voice, the proper
rhythm, the body and the listening as means that support and make possible
a healthy integral psyche production of the problems presented.We treat: Phobias, depression, psychosomatic illnesses,
neurosis, psychiatric disorders, posttraumatic stress, compulsive disorders,
crisis of anxiety, communication disorders, stress, autism, mental weakness,
widespread developmental disorders, hyperactivity, aggressiveness, neurological
disorders, hospitalized patients.

Forms of treatments:

  • • Individual
  • • Relational
  • • Group
  • • Family

Private care Coverage to health insurance Systems of prepaid

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