Why the Music Therapy?

Music therapy is included in the policies of health as
a discipline that research and acts on individual, familiar and community

therapy is a sensitive boarding that offers a space for the expression
and solution for the needs of the integral health.

contributes in the reorientation of treatments and psicotherapy boardings,
emphasizing in a new device based on the integration of thinking, acting
and saying. Aspects of the human communication that are too separated
in the current manners of life.
The people´s high level of receptivity to the music allows us to take
forward devices technically adapted to approach these psycho-social issues.
It is necessary to introduce interventions sufficiently creative in order
to link the emotions to words and to daily acts.
It is in this crucial point where the expressive resources become effective.

music and the sonorous spontaneous productions are a product of the culture.
These are an intentional and voluntary manifestation of social expressions
and are the expressive will of a subject and the frame of social resonances.

are processes of connection that exist with musical to the service of
the mass-production and musical to the service of the individual and /
or community subjetivation. If we understand that this can turn into intersubjective
mediator, it could be possible that: Expressive resources, the music and
the sonorous as tools, allow to research on the indicators of vulnerability
and mechanisms of symbolization that enrich life quality.

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